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About the Boosters


The Penn-Trafford Football Boosters is the official fundraising organization that supports Penn-Trafford football. Your membership in the organization is an investment in the academic and athletic development of its student-athletes.

Throughout its history, the Boosters organization has provided financial support, social interaction, and valuable networking for our athletes and programs. Over the years, we have provided scholarship support, purchased equipment and subsidized travel.

There are also many social functions that the Boosters support. Each of these events is to bring everyone together to share good times. Please take a moment to join with us. Feel free to submit your comments, make suggestions, and/or ask questions.


If you would like to be part of the Penn-Trafford Football Boosters and support Warrior football, you can become a member for $50. Please make checks payable to PTFB, and mail your check to PTFB, P. O. Box 123, Harrison City, PA 15636.

Please join the Boosters. By joining, you will be making it possible for the current and future athletes to experience all the wonderful things that come along with being a Penn-Trafford student-athlete.

2015 Officers 
Bob Schumacher, President
Lera Konovich, Vice President
Jeff Kelly, Treasurer
Dana Hawkins, Secretary
2015/2016 Committee Members 
Kristin Sullivan (Chair)
Away-Game Meals
Leigh Santo
Mark Peduzzi
Heather Morgan
Kelli Hindman
Lori Davis
Suzanne Vecchio
Laura McDonough
Joe Sullivan
Teri Maglicco
Cindy Gwynn
Adam Lisbon
Grade Coordinators
Lori Davis             (12th)
Lori Davis
Betsy Kelly          (11th)
Carol Richardson
Cathy Suman       (10th)
Elton Laffoon
Kathy Sekera      (9th)
Dana Hawkins (Chair)
Lori Allen             (7th/8th)
JV/Varsity Banquet
Lera Konovich   (Chair)
Game Day
Tom Rosso        (co-Chair)
Colleen Fritzius
David George  (co-Chair)
Heather Morgan
Meet the Players
Dana Hawkins  (Chair)
Leigh Santo
Ninth Grade Banquet
Michelle George
Senior Night
Dana Hawkins   (Chair)
Michelle Nicotero
7th/8th Grade Banquet
Cindy Gwynn
Varsity Pre-Game Meals
Paul Wycoff      (Chair)
Picture Day
Lera Konovich
Laura McDonough
Teri Maglicco
Lori Davis
Lori Davis
Cathy Suman
Colleen Fritzius
Kelly Hindman
Heather Morgan

2014 Officers

Andy McNelis, President
Lera Konovich, Vice President
Vicki Sich, Treasurer
Jill DeNillo, Secretary

2013 Officers


2012 Officers

Tom Diable, President
Dallas Spadaro, Vice President
Tracy McElrone, Treasurer
Lisa Balenciaga, Secretary

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